Mandarin Orchard Singapore by Meritus


“When in Singapore when you want to have a short break from the crowded Manila is to travel.”

This post is not a travel guide but a post why I did enjoyed my stay at Singapore. When we arrived at Singapore, we were accompanied and picked up by someone from Mandarin Orchard and helped us to get in the way through our hotel, thanks to their car pick up service for faster travel from airport to our hotel. The people of Singapore are nice and do not show much likeness to foreigners, that’s what I like about people, I don’t like the too much welcomeness, it really pisses me off *kids*.

Our hotel was located just near Orchard Road, the place of shopping and nice things, where you can buy almost all the things you are looking for.


View from the windows of our room


Inside of the hotel was just almost perfect because it was so clean but maybe not the fanciest among the other hotels out of Singapore. It was one of the 4 star hotels I would love to go back with.

The lobby was just so average in size, in some areas there are portions of gold, everything I saw there was all that fancy.


Cleanliness of the area is one of the things why I’m fond of hotels.


We booked 2 rooms for the 4 of us adults. I slept together with my mom and shared a room with her. The room was just simple but good enough for just a quick stay travel.


This is the highlight of my hotel stay, who doesn’t want breakfast in bed, of course we all love it


Just like in all fairy tales, there are happy endings but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ever go back. The card was just a little greeting saying “It’s nice to see how you enjoyed our hotel, see you again in your next Singapore trip.”

Mandarin Orchard Hotel

My stay here is beyond almost-perfect. Would love to be back at Singapore ❤️