71 Gramercy


71 Gramercy is one of the best nightclub in Manila.

The first time I went to Gramercy is when I had my interview as a Graphic Designer and Social Media Intern for 71 Gramercy.

It was a great feeling knowing that I was about to interview by the greats of 71 Gramercy, I was really surprised, excited and happy when I got there.

The interview went well but in some other reasons, I fail to show some of my artworks because honestly and personally, I’m not that artsy and I’m always the photo person addicted to fujifilm.

The second time I went there was when a promoter friend invited me over. I was in an awe when I finally got inside the club swear, I saw some of my photo friends, met new band friends and of course my promoter friend who was always there to look after me.

After then, 71 Gramercy was moved to Palace Pool Club.