Shangrila Fort – Hangout Place – Chill Spot

Waiting for a meeting or beauty session is kinda relaxing for me, thanks for good interiors of Shangrila Fort, I felt like I was in my own quiet room for an hour or two.

Went out for a skinstation session and thought of an idea of chilling first to Shangrila Fort BGC while waiting for my 3:30 skinstation session time. I was a bit early that time to go out from the house that’s why I have this long hours of waiting, thanks for good malls, I can kill time while waiting. I had a decent cup of cappuccino and not the usual instant mix I usually do but still decent lol and relaxing for a good scenery for a bit and not being in front of my computer.

Coffee at Shangrila Fort
Much love

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Shangrila Fort – Hangout Place – Chill Spot