Saying what I really feel – Reacting to hate comments

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Let’s be real here, I know everyone of us has this hated friend or a friend or someone or a random person hated us for reasons they don’t want us to be.

I, myself, a victim of that at some point. I know he or she is reading all my stuff online, my photos and everything I post online. I’ve been hurt to what he/she did, I’m just a normal person right because I’m not yet that Justin Bieber feels who a lot of people really hate him compared to me. I’ve been mistreated online by random people which I believe even my friends can’t do that to me, even to my family.

I know my friends know me well and they don’t want to harm me or play with my feelings. They don’t wanna waste my time with me because they know I’m older than them.

I’m a good person in real life, my friends loved me eversince high school to college days. I love my friends so much, I know sometimes I’m being a bitch but I’m loyal to my friends.

Hope that one day, people will love me but they can hate me if I know I’ve done something wrong. Well, it’s life right, I’m ready to know what will happen to me in the future.


Love, Steph

Much love

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Saying what I really feel – Reacting to hate comments