My Maltese-Bichon Puppies

My boy

the maltese furry baby

My maltese puppies are my forever bestfriends, I think everyone who has puppies treated them as the same as I am. To me, I treat them as my babies just like a mom.

Raptor is the first maltese dog breed we ever had, he’s the father of all my dogs.

He has two wives: The first was Ayu which is his first partner. The second was “baby girl”, his daughter to Ayu.


Taking care of small breeds like Maltese are very high maintenance, first because obviously of their white hair. They must consistently take good care of to avoid hair darkening, hair damage and skin problems. There are products that could actually maintain their hair to stay shiny, soft and glossy everyday.

There are also preferred foods for Maltese. Since they are small pet dog breeds, they can only eat small, they can’t eat a big chunk of beef in a single intake because of their digestive system. At least cook and shop for foods that are easy to chew, in small portions to feed these babies.