Homemade Dog Foods are Perfect Foods for Dogs

Homemade dogfood

“I just learned that cooking homemade dog foods and feeding them raw are the healthiest and safest way to feed my little furry babies.”

For the longest time I’ve been feeding and taking care of my Maltese pets, eating dog processed commercial foods and dog treats has been our daily care for them with being cautious about Jerky poisonous foods that are harmful to our little furry ones.

Them foods can also give our dogs rashes or skin disease or even kidney problems! We hate it, I know, it may really cause us a big problem.

There are a lot in the market today that we cannot argue as to what brand is we think are the best for our babies or the yummiest, the healthiest or the food that they will forever love.

“Why homemade dog food is the perfect dog food?”

I came across this blog post with all the instructions I need to finally help me cook my own version of homemade dog food for my Maltese! I cannot wait to start, it’s super easy swear.


Photo by Verity Homes

Healthy, easy to make, safe with natural ingredients

Cooking homemade food is healthy, you can cook all the foods the way you want it, you can use all ingredients and you can also measure those by how many servings you want it to be without processing it or adding other harmful ingredients that can make our dog’s life so complicated (I’m telling you, it will really make your little babies having a hard time which we really don’t like!)


Feed raw or cook them

Feeding them raw or cook the food for your dogs are both okay for our furry babies.

It’s actually up to you, but for me, since I barely not okay with raw and my dogs are Maltese, I prefer cooking them from mild to well cooked.

In this graph shown the basic ingredients of a homemade dog food