October 2017 – My Whereabouts


What I’m Wearing: Top from H&M

Update! Update! My life lately or my whereabouts these past few days starting from the last days of September was a little crappy, odd and boring.

Something bad happened to me and I cannot move, I cannot go out (I can still but I’m that not so into Uber, I just drive my own), I cannot go to anywhere or places I wanted to go, even hanging out with my crushes, my friends, my beshies and I can’t do all the things that I wanted to do. SO BASICALLY I’M SAD!

On the bad things:

• My car stopped functioning and it’s currently being repaired at Honda Makati up until now. The problem was because of a lot of water found inside its fuel tank which I have no idea how that happened. I’m still praying and hoping that it will come back soon to me, nice and almost new.

Missed opportunities due to laziness. It’s probably my no. 1 sickness in my dear self because sometimes I cannot fight my laziness and I ended up slacking off, spending couple of hours just in front of my laptop doing nothing.

Dropping out of school due to excess months of stay. You’ve heard it right, I dropped my very very last subject, the OJT subject which is basically my final subject for me to be able to graduate and leave CSB already. I’ve stayed at Benilde for almost 10 years when the typical student school stay is about only 4 years or less. I have a lot of dropping, repeating subjects and I still cannot make them pass which I really don’t know or maybe I’m just lazy.

On the good things:

• I can still do the things that I wanted to do.

• Bought new things

• I’m ready for anything new again

• I’m pretty interested with life after college without any diploma (hoping for companies out there who are looking for someone like me as part of their family)