The Drop x Multiplicity


the drop x multiplicity

The Drop x Multiplicity was the bomb, I had a great and lovely night with my friends. I was personally invited by my friend Clarence aka DJ A$ap Clarkee who played the first one that night and since he wanted to see me as well. I didn’t think twice because I always go to Blackmarket often so I said “sure, I can go” to him.


When I went there at 10pm, the area is not yet crowded. The usual setting was people starts to marry at 11pm to 1am every night. My DJ friend was the first one who played and was tasked to make his set calm and chill until the second dj to finally hook the night up.


I met those guys behind Multiplicity too, there’s Cesar aka DJxaw and Chryse. I loved them already coz I got them, bruh.

Black Market’s The Drop is every Friday from 10pm to 4am ❤️