How to fade acne scars and get glowy skin?


Bye to acne scars and hello to glowy skin

I know, acne and pimples are a real struggle in our everyday lives. We’ve been there a lot since teenage days until now, used almost all acne products but none of them were really effective and wasn’t able to help fade even a shade lighter than the skin we originally have.

Well, we’ve got you covered because acne scars are the easiest skin problem to ever avoid and get rid off without going to your dermatologists anymore.

Step-by-step guide to fade acne scars


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First of, cleansing.  Use a gentle cleanser for your face if you have sensitive skin because cleansing can strip off skin nutrients. It’s better to use non-harsh products we put into our face to avoid irritation and other harmful things will happen.


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Double cleanse. Traditionally, double cleansing is a common practice in a Korean Beauty Skincare Routine where almost all korean women do to take good care of their skin. It is a way of getting rid of makeup residues and other dirt that comes in contact of your face.

In double cleansing, oil cleansers come first to thoroughly wash makeup residues followed by foam cleansers or gel cleansers to clean and wash remaining dirts left into our skin.

And no, double cleansing won’t strip off your skin surface so it’s normal.


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Toning. Toning is a step to prepare your face for heavy creams, moisturizers, sunscreen and makeup. It makes your face cooldown and refresh to prepare for the next skincare layer of your face.


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Essence. Essence is a hybrid between a toner and a serum. It works perfectly to hydrate the complexion, aiding cellular turnover for a youthful appearance.


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Serum. Concentrated formulas with an unprecedented amount of active ingredients, serums target specific skin concerns like wrinkles, dark spots, and dehydration.


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Moisturizer. Next apply a soothing moisturiser in a light layer across the skin for long lasting all-day hydration.

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