Midnight craving – Mcdo Milk Tea

It’s 1:14am in the morning, I’m looking at the Mcdo website currently and I’m craving. But my mind wants me to stop ordering but the craving is there, I want to take a sip on the new milk tea and satisfy myself but I couldn’t.

Now, I’m relying on the pictures in the internet to see and stare at the milk tea itself and here’s to hope that I would feel good lol.

I can’t imagine what would the Milk Tea Float to taste like, I felt like it’s just a lower end taste unlike those real boba or dragon milk tea.

Mcdo Milk Tea Float
Mcdo Milk Tea Float

I felt like drinking a Nestea instant pack of milk tea based on the pictures lol.

As a food enthusiast, I felt like if you want that real life boba or milk tea taste, you might wanna have Milk Tea in real milk tea shops, comes with very affordable price and real milk tea without the float.

But if you want that cheap milk tea in a fast food chain then you can try Mcdo’s because it’s affordable to every people here in Manila.

Love, Steph

Much love

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