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I decided to DIY my own beauty organizer just to have a little twist and much better organizer.

I was looking for perfect and pretty organizers for all of my skincare and beauty products online but some of them are just the same acrylic containers I’m always seeing in every beauty videos or tutorials in youtube.

My imagination was a perfect, big, with a little golden color on the edges and are perfectly fit for all my products. I’m not the makeup beauty hoarder (but sometimes I do) but mostly I invest so much in skincare products. All the time, I’ve been always looking for another moisturizers, add other serums and essences online and it made me started to actually collect all beauty stuff that I want.

As my beauty products continues on growing collectively, I started looking for organizers that can really make my beauty stuff organized and in proper containers. Since all of the beauty organizers are just those same old 2000-late stuff, I decided to DIY my own. I’ve been searching a lot of DIYs in youtube and it triggered myself to actually buy all the needed products to have my own.


During my search for DIY organizer things, I came across this DIY youtube channel that uses Gold Spray for a DIY Organizer and cabinet, it has came to my senses that “I want that Gold Spray to spray on my old stuff into a new chic colored one.” and I did.

I didn’t hesitate to buy Gold Sprays online, I got mine from Lazada and it is a Bosny no. 182 in Brass Gold and it has that perfect Gold Brass finish.

It’s nice, cute and pretty easy to make. It made my old stuff turned into a Golden one.

I lurve it so much and totally worth a buy, here’s to more of my DIY things 💛

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Bosny KT Gold Effect Gold Spray