Wildflour Cafe


Wildflour Cafe is one of my favorite restaurant in Manila I’ve ever tried.

I love their Kimchi Rice with Steak which is absolutely my favorite from their menu, it was delicious and perfect for my tastebuds.


Croughnuts was the most popular baked food before that outstand normal donuts the time I first heard of it. It was perfect and tasty, the Caramel flavor is the best one forever.

Compared to J.Co donuts, these famed Croughnuts are tastier and prettier. It was like a combination of donuts and croissant with added flavors on it. It was perfect, I swear. I want to try one again.


Complimentary breads are the always free dine-in appetizer, it was made to help customers enjoy their restaurant stay while waiting for their orders to be served right at their table.


Their Steak is so devourable like I want to have more of it after eating all the meat.


“Fries before boys lol not.”