Dining at Shangri-La


shangri-la dining

Shangri-La will always be my ever dream hotel to work to. I will always be a shang hotel savvy because I felt like I’m part of the hotel too. I’m once a hotel and restaurant dreamer, thinking of having my own resto one day and manage it alone. During my first year in college, I’m a fresh highschool grad back then, Enderun Colleges was the first college I’ve entered among all the college and universities I’ve applied to.


As an always shangrila-diner, I was offered to have this Ultimate Gourmet Card to enjoy Shang discounts while trying all the restaurants you can visit to at all Shangri-La hotels in Manila.

My card is expired already *lols* but really liked their card because it’s so elegant and fabulous, I love it.

So far, I think I almost used my card to almost all Shangri-La restaurants already aside from the Shangri-La Fort. I’m also thinking of renewing my membership card to fully enjoy the benefits just for that free cake for birthdays and maybe holidays *haha*