SK-II love

The reason why most Japanese women have this youthful skin.

When it comes to beauty, it’s a big no-no to leave it with just water, it’s actually more than that. I had this dry skin problems I’ve been dealing with for a long time. I started looking for solutions, after years of searching, I found out that hydrating your skin will make the dryness go away but not only that, relying on brands will not do its promise alone, you have to make your own daily routine to aid your skin needs (big huge thanks to my dermatologists for guiding me).


Based on SK-II’s website, the preciousness of their product was because of the secret ingredients. It was basically seen as water because of the color, the appearance but the ingredients contained into it was thereof precious and contained a lot of skin nutrients meant for skin.

It’s on the secret ingredients.


I fell in love with the product ever since the first time I bought it. It was like a magical water for skin.

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