My Current Skincare Routine 2018


My Current Skincare Routine 2018

I have an updated skincare routine for the year 2018 as of January and I’m lovin’ it because it’s making my skin so smooth and clean. I don’t experience any breakouts anymore, my skin is smooth, no pimples & I feel fresh too.

It was October-December of 2017 when I started searching and looking online for possible skincare routine that can make my skin supple smooth & clear so I stumbled into this searchable content called “korean skincare”.

Actually, at first, I’m so hesitant about this skin trend since I don’t use a lot of korean skincare brands, only few, because what I have a lot were mostly from american high end brands.

Since I’ve gotten that korean hype into my system already, I didn’t think twice about searching almost all about korean skincare & makeup to the point that it almost made me want to travel there too *actually, it was already one of my dream destination to travel to in the next years to come*.

Searching almost all about that korean skincare hype taught me how to use the tap method instead of using towel after shower, the 7 skincare method, the do’s and dont’s & the proper products that is really effective, well-known & liked by almost all people worldwide.

"Korean Skincare into my system"

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