Mandara Spa


the perfect relaxation

Too tired from having a long working busy hours at work? Well, [eafl id=”2652″ name=”The Mandara Spa” text=”Mandara Spa”] is a perfect luxurious spa haven to relax with. Located in the center of Taguig City, walking from work will never be a problem. I felt tired from all my home stay-ins and decided to drive all through my way to Taguig to finally explore the streets again.

Relaxing alone is my first step to hug the city out of my house once again. Thanks to Google for taking me to this place and because it’s just too near from my destination.

I felt like I need a little stretch.

Tried their basic body spa, not their signature one, although I promised to try it soon once I’m back there again. I had their basic body spa for 1 hour, in semi mild pressure to avoid breaking of bones (lol, kids). Looking through the interior of their spa, I found it very light, a little bit of dark, the smell of aroma oils are all over the entire room and it’s so pretty cozy.

After the body spa sesh, my body was filled with a lot of oils and felt like I had a steamy sex with someone lols. Mandara Spa take good care of me, gave me a good feeling spa and I really highly recommend it for those who wants a luxurious vibes of relaxation and throw some stress away, Mandara is all worth it.