It’s amazing with newly keratin treated hair.

Care for hair is one of my daily routine on how to look fresh all day without having a “bad hair day“. Tangles or extra frizzy hair will sure give my hair a hard time styling it because it’s so annoying and frustrating to deal with. I’ve been through a lot of styling stuff turned into bad hair stuff because of too much styling and chemical treatments to my hair *and it’s killing my scalp really*.

I’ve been doing my annual rebond sesh before at my ever fave salon Tony & Jackey with only L’oreal on it. Every year, I’m maintaining it with a lot of haircare problems stuff just to have a beautiful hair that touching it will make even our hearts soft.

I came into a website stating that too much hair rebonding can cause hair problems and I’m aware of it. All through my annual hair stuff maintenance I’m doing, I came into this point that giving up hair rebonding was a perfect decision I made in my entire hair life *like seriously*.


Quit hair rebonding.


But I never said I should stop taking care of my hair coz that will surely lead into an afro hair lol. I never stopped from looking on the alternative best haircare than rebonding and that’s Keratin.

It is the most advanced and latest hair treatment that is acceptable worldwide, aside from the old hair rebonding that we all know. It is safe for hair but can do twice as what rebonding does to our hair. It is practiced every 4 months if you can pay for it because it’s too pricey plus it should be done repeatedly after 4 months to maintain the hair.

Keratin your hair.

8k starting price for long hair.

The starting price of Keratin for long hair is PHP 8,000 at Tinette & Co. It was my second time to try Keratin there and it never failed to amaze me.