L’oreal Ever Sleek Keratin & COSRX Korean Skin Care


L'oreal Ever Sleek & COSRX Korean Skincare

L’oreal Ever Sleek for hair and COSRX Skincare are my recent beauty hype and faves. I can’t stop raving about them after my first time use.

My L’oreal Ever Sleek first time impression was it made my hair soft literally right after I shower. I fell in love with this like for real, it made a miracle into my hair unlike the other local brands I’ve ever used.

I have a damaged hair because of countless bleaching, straightening and rebonding sesh, keratin treatment, hair dye and some shampoos I’m not okay with so my hair was really that dry, rough and not healthy. Honestly and miraculously, L’oreal Ever Sleek was the only shampoo and conditioner that made my hair healthy and soft straight from the bathroom and never made me comb my hair anymore after shower.

I’m starting to like COSRX Skincare, a Korean brand because of the effect it made to my skin. The fact that it is a korean brand made me feel like it’s meant for my skin type because I have asian skin.

I have a blemished, large pore-d and breakout-prone skin that’s why using this was really made for me. I bought the products that has AHA/BHA on it, Snail Essence and Blemish Centella Cream that are pretty good in curing my skincare problem.

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