Cyleina Organic Bar Soap

cyleina organic bar soap love

Cyleina Organic Bar Soaps are my favorite soap brand before when I’m having problems on how to achieve smooth skin as well as to avoid pimples. I really hate it when my skin starts to dry, yes, I have a dry and oily skin but that was before. Now that I’m more conscious with my skin and to the brands I’m using, I consider using this brand again after sticking to just L’occitane and my kojic soap together.


Cyleina Bar Soaps can be bought online via Lazada or to any Hortaleza beauty stores you may find in the streets of Manila. They have almost more than 5 branches around Makati and Pasay. I highly recommend buying them online because it’s much easier plus it’s free shipping so that you will never encounter problems about buying it.


Rice Bran and Shea Butter Soaps are my favorite Cyleina variants. I also like their Black Pearl and the Tomato Soap because they really make my skin glow and clean. 

Shea Butter Soap has a high content of natural shea butter that makes the skin moisturized. Shea Butter, which is extracted from the shea nut of the wild karite tree of West Africa, has been utilized for centuries as an exceptional skin superfood.

Rice Bran is a nourishing oil and powerful skin protectant, high in antioxidants, which protects and replenishes the skin.