Originally from Manila, born Filipino with Japanese descent.

Stephanie Nakagawa is a full time youtube content creator (vlogger) who does videos daily and founder of Sushi & Shoes, a Lifesyle, Beauty, Fashion, Food & Travel blog.

She is also passionate about photography, design and art stuff. Proud Enderunner & a Benildean. She spent time usually doing work related to everything social media things online and editing videos most of the time.

Q & A’S

  • What camera do I use?

I use a Sony a5100 with 16mm kit lens before, now I have a new Sony a6400 with 16mm kit lens.

  • Where did you study college and what’s your course?

I studied college first at Enderun Colleges taking up International Hospitality Management as a fresh highschool graduate, stopped for a year then transferred to De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and took Multimedia Arts.

  • Why do you blog or vlog?

I’ve been doing this since 2010 since the time I had my very own domain and website alongside with other bloggers that I personally know during my college days. I first did this blogging thing only as a hobby and now that I’m fully committed to this, I decided to make blogging/vlogging as my full time job.

  • Why do you love photography?

Eversince college and since my course is Multimedia Arts, photography is one of our subjects in school and they taught us how to take photos and use DSLRs. I’ve spent my college time focusing only to photography because that’s what I wanted to do.

  • What’s your dream job?

My dream job ever is to really be an official photographer of a nightclub or a fashion magazine. And of course, as a blogger/vlogger. Also to be a DJ one day.

  • What do you like most, vlog or blog?

As to what I like the most about blogging is that I can post anything that I like as a writer or author of my own blog playing with visuals using photos and other font styles just like we see in all magazines.

I also like vlogging because it’s the easiest way on how to express my own thoughts when it comes to sharing ideas and to make my content more livelier and fun. It’s also the simplest too without spending too much time on editing photos.

  • How do you edit your photos?

I usually use Adobe Lightroom via mobile or my laptop, VSCOCAM, Snapseed, Darkroom and Adobe Photoshop.

  • How do you edit your videos?

I always use Final Cut Pro X in Mac, in Windows I use Adobe Premiere Pro

  • What’s your favorite shoes?

Platform heels

  • What do you do when you don’t work (blog/vlog)?

I spend my time with my baby puppies and play playstation then livestream it (it’s still a job right?)

Or go out partying and listening to musics or randomly watch youtube videos of my favorite co-content creators.