Christmas Eve 2017


christmas eve 2017

It’s almost 2018 and it’s December already! We started November when we decorated our house and the interiors too, packages and gifts are everywhere now here at home and I’m so pretty can’t waitey for the holidays or the actual Christmas Day which is on the 25th.

These packages and gifts are for my mom’s clients and some of her friends. She usually do give gifts and do these to her clients during holidays or special occasions *it has been a tradition* lol.


At the 24th of December, my mom and I went at Greenbelt & Glorietta to buy gifts for me. I made her buy me gifts while doing shopping together.

It was an amazing day for me because I can buy all the things that I want without her yelling that some of the things that I want are a little bit pricey but the value is not that of a big deal, it’s the thing of course.


We had our dinner at Maisen Philippines or Tonkatsu Maisen, a Japanese restaurant located at Greenbelt 5. Mom and I *surprisingly* had salads which we ordered same but I thought she will go heavy eating. I decided to go vegan that day because I was thinking of not eating until the actual Christmas day to binge eat but however fail because I really can’t stop eating *but I can actually control my cravings with fasting and not eat anything*


Tofu Salad


Buta Shabu Salad


I wore a basic festive christmas-y season outfit just to blend into the christmas season without being too festive but still casual but mall walk acceptable.


It was a good day for me because mom bought me gifts ❤️ I love it when she’s in the mood for something pricey and have those give to me, how thoughtful and kind but of course as a bad daughter, I still want more! *lols joke*